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Name:Jeff Hinton
Birthdate:Apr 29
jeff hinton
"i wanna be your last first kiss of all time." - inevitable, anberlin

Jeff Hinton is the youngest child of Caleb and Jessica Hinton, a local-area stand up comedian and a sports journalist respectively. He grew up very close to his sister Vanessa, brother Alex, and their cousin, Logan Hayes, whose dad was Jessica's brother. The two families were all each other had in New York, as Logan's dad, George, and Jessica were each other's only siblings, and Jeff's dad and Logan's mom were both only children. Logan's mom died in a tragic car accident when he was only very young, and Jeff's family tried their best to be there for George and his infant son.

Growing up, Jeff was definitely known for his sense of humor, a trait he very much inherited from his dad, along with a happy go lucky streak that earned him many comparisons to a hyperactive golden retriever. He tended to bounce along through life, seeing the best in everything. Unfortunately, that very nearly screwed him over completely in school. He was never a stellar student in the earlier grades, until a teacher's suggestion led to Jeff's being diagnosed with ADHD. Fortunately, a great doctor, good teachers, and concerned parents led to Jeff's improving his grades in high school, and not only graduating, but going on to get his degree in Veterinary Technology from Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

It was in his junior year of high school that Jeff came out as bisexual. He's had relationships with both genders, but finds himself definitely more drawn to guys. His longest lasting relationship was in college with Iain, a guy he met in the hallway of his dorm building. They dated for three years, even moving in together during college, but when they both graduated, and Jeff landed a job in his native New York, they parted ways. They remain friends to this day, but both have moved on.

Jeff scored an entry level gig at a veterinary clinic right out of school, and has worked his way up to being the lead tech at the clinic. It was his first week as lead, though, when a horrible headache hit him hard and sent him home for the day. He thought it was just a one off, and went on with life in his lighthearted way, assuming that things were fine, until it happened again only a few weeks later, this time with even more intense pain. He tried to shrug it off again, but his sister, who was his emergency contact, and was called to pick him up when he nearly fainted at work, not used to the pain, insisted that he go to the doctor to get it checked out.

Jeff was diagnosed with migraines, which was a giant pain in the ass, but his doctor did a very thorough job of helping him figure out what triggers he had. Unlike many, bright lights and loud sounds don't set him off. But certain foods and caffeine are the usual culprits. His treatment plan has been mostly dietary, though he also takes medication. Most of the time, he lives normally, but every once in a while, he makes a food choice that ends up bringing on a migraine, and he can be out of commission the whole day.

Still, he considers himself a pretty lucky guy to have his family close by, and though he still hasn't found that special someone yet, he definitely isn't giving up hope that the day might come that he will find someone special who will take his breath away. In the meantime, he loves his job, and spends most of his free time in dance classes, something he does for fun and has done since he was a kid, dancing with his cousin, Logan. He was a part of a show choir in high school and his love for performing never waned, though it's taken a back burner to his love of animals in his career so far. His migraines are pretty much under control despite the occasional bad day, and he's pretty happily settled into his life.


Jeff Hinton is a fictional character, loosely based on Jeff from Glee, but with Luke Hemmings' face. Author not affiliated with Glee or Luke Hemmings. Muse and mun over 18.

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